Friends and Colleagues Launch ‘The Sandra Coke Fund’

sandra_coke_20130814Sandra Coke enriched the lives of countless people who were fortunate to have crossed personal, professional, and spiritual paths with her. An advocate, a leader, and a friend, Sandra helped us all see the world for what it is while working in pursuit of a brighter vision for what it ought to be. Calls and emails flooding in over the past week make it clear: Sandra inspired us all.

We lost Sandra in a senseless, devastating way. It’s a loss that has shaken hundreds of people who were touched by this smart, compassionate and dedicated woman.

“Sandra worked hard but she never forgot the importance of having fun. She had the joyful spirit of a child all her life, and she brought that joyful spirit into her parenting and into all her friendships. She was rich in her generosity to her friends, family and those in need,” said a longtime friend.

Today, we are launching The Sandra Coke Fund to provide for the education and care of her teenage daughter.

Donate here:

“We hope you will join us in celebrating Sandra’s courageous spirit and fierce commitment to her family, friends and community by continuing to support the most beautiful, most joyful part of her life — her equally courageous daughter,” said a colleague of 20 years.

We do not consider this a charity; we consider it:

• An opportunity to support a woman who inspired us.
• An opportunity to ensure Sandra’s daughter continues to benefit from the example her mom lived every day.
• An opportunity to live up to the example Sandra set for us.
• An opportunity to join with people nationwide and create a lasting benefit from the grief we all share.

“Sandra was the warmest, most good natured friend I had. She was one of the few friends that would truly sacrifice for me. I could call her when I was too proud to call anyone else, tell her what I needed, and she would help me out if she could. To me, she was the quintessential ‘good mother.’ She saw the good in everyone, even when you couldn’t see it in yourself,” added another longtime friend.

Please take a moment to think about Sandra, to smile and share your memories of her, finally to find your “inner Sandra” give as generously as you can to her daughter’s fund at

Donate here:

The Sandra Coke Fund is fiscally sponsored by the Community Resource Initiative, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so donations to the fund are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

Thank you,
Friends and Colleagues of Sandra Coke

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3 thoughts on “Friends and Colleagues Launch ‘The Sandra Coke Fund’

  1. I am struggling to keep my heavy heart and a numbed spirit from chasing away my memories of who Sandra really is. She is a full on presence, tumbling through the doorway with overflowing enormous bags draped across each shoulder, Ginny barking, growling and shivering at her feet in just the right spot to almost bring Sandra crashing to the floor, a poorly parked or double parked car or truck outside, a fast approaching deadline, and a questioning look of why anyone would arrive at work any other way. Next came the day’s improbable dreams — a new strategy for winning a case, a new enterprise to make us all rich, skinny, or successful, a perfect plan for a tea and hat party for her daughter’s birthday, and a new way to redesign/construct/renew her house. The best part of it is she made it all work, usually not on the same day but in time, in time. She let us come in and out of her life, crowded though it was with daughter, family, friends, dreams, and wonderful visions of what could be.

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